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Direct Cacao is a new organisation being launched to give a voice to chocolate makers, chocolatiers, independent tasters and other in the chocolate industry working with and supporting directly sourced fine cacao, and to the cacao growers supplying the cacao.

Direct Cacao was launched at a formation conference on 29 January 2012, on the Honduran Island of Guanaja, site of the first known European contact with cacao when Colombus encountered Mayan canoes at sea in 1502.

On 28 January 2012, the founding members travelled to Soldier’s Beach, Guanaja, where they planted a symbolic ‘criollo antiguo’ tree and made a declaration aimed at changing our relationship with fine cacao.

The discussions and decisions made at the founding conference are still being documented, but will be posted here in the near future, along with the aims, goals and activities of Direct Cacao.

February 2012