The Chocolate Makers, Chocolate Companies and Supporting Industries categories are now open for membership application through the form here. The Cacao Growers and Cacao Traders categories are currently being founded.

The current members of Direct Cacao are:

Cacao Growers

Fine cacao growers (farmers, plantations, cooperatives, commercial growers et cetera).

Xoco Fine Cocoa Company, Honduras *
Åkesson’s Organic , Madagascar/Brazil *

(Membership category currently being founded.)

Chocolate Makers

Manufacturers of fine chocolate that buy and process cacao into finished chocolate entirely in their own facilities.

Amano Artisan Chocolate, USA *
Amma Chocolates, Brazil *
Bonnat Chocolatier, France *
Chocolaterie A. Morin, France *
Grenada Chocolate Company, Grenada *
Guittard Chocolate Company, USA *
Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat, Vietnam
Pacari Ecuadorian Organic Chocolate, Ecuador *
Red Star Chocolate, UK *

Cacao Traders

Companies engaged in the trade of fine cacao or in industries supporting the fine cacao trade.

Maricel Presilla (Gran Cacao), USA *

(Membership category currently being founded.)

Chocolate Companies

Companies sourcing cacao but not making fine chocolate in their own facilities (eg using private label or outsourced production or part making chocolate), chocolatiers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

Åkesson’s Organic, UK/Madagascar/Brazil *
el Sauco, Netherlands
Friis-Holm Chokolade, Denmark *
Itzel Chocolate, Guatemala *
Original Beans, Netherlands *
Paul A Young Fine Chocolates, UK *

Supporting industries

Related companies and individuals that are (wholly or partly) engaged in fine cacao or fine chocolate in the value chain or other activities, including, events companies, PR companies, consultants, etc.

Alexander Rast, (Seventy%) UK *
Gianluca Franzoni, Italy
Jack Steijn, Netherlands
Kate Johns (Nudge PR), UK *
Maricel Presilla (Gran Cacao), USA *
Martin Christy, (Seventy%) UK *
Monica Meschini, Italy *

Associate members

Organisations, companies or individuals that share the objectives of Direct Cacao

Supporting organisations and companies will be invited at a later date.

* denotes a Founding Member